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You can dance if you like, you can sing every line of every song, no you don't

have to steal the show, it was your show all along.

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(no subject)
Please don't add me unless your journal is in English as it's the only language I understand fluently.
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heeeeyyy fellow Tammy lover. Add me? Trying to get LJ active once again ;)

I'm the guy with the same name from thesite...add me please? ;) Pretty please? ;)

Hey, t'is bri-namite from thesite, can I add you?


How about being active in newcastle_uk? If you still like going out, as you wrote in your profile, I suggest the Pitcher&Piano on the Quayside?
Greetings, from the mod of the community site

lea i added you back cos you added me but you havent updated since december 2008!! so are you basically adding me to be nosy? :p

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