You can dance if you like, you can sing every line of every song, no you don't

have to steal the show, it was your show all along.

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Stolen from Sel (again)
Name? Leanne Dunning
Age? 21
Sex? I have a vagina
Height? 5'7"
Weight? about 8 stone
Eye Color? green
Hair Color? dark brown
Shoe Size? 8
Sexuality? straight

Whats your fav?

Color? blue
Band? McFly
TV Show? Eastenders but now Dennis has left that might change
Food? Chicken, pasta, chips, roast dinners, homemade soup
Cookie? double chocolate chip
Animal? don't have a fave.

More Stuff About You...

Piercings? Had my ear lobes done a few times, I wouldn't mind an industrial.
Smoke? no
Drink? aye
Do Drugs? no
Skinny Dip? nah never done it
Greatest Fear? I don't reveal weaknesses
Go to Church? only once
Think You're Attractive? Not really... But I know there are more things in the world than looks

Place to Shop- Newcastle or the MetroCentre
Place to Eat- Somewhere with nice food
Season- Summer
Sport to Play- Tennis
Sport to Watch- foorball
Type of Music- anything really
Person to be With- I dunno
Holiday- Blackpool

This or That

Light or Dark- Light
Funny or Scary- Funny
Left or Right- Right
Hot or Cold- Depends

Word Association

Spoon: fed
Big Nose: Jew
Rap: music
School: Bullies
Heart: Organ
Coffee: yum
Crazy: the world
Phone: no calls
Cheese: balls
Mayonnaise: Chips!

*Fill in the blank*

Rap music makes me want to: dance
I <3: love
I cant stand: rudeness
Pickles are: nice if they are onions
I wish I was: somewhere hot and sunny


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